31 Oct 2018 We’ve sent a message to the winner of this week’s email list book-delay giveaway. Please check your spam filters.

27 Oct 2018 — Good news and bad news.

The Frangipani Tree Mystery and Betel Nut Tree Mystery were to go on sale in America in September and October… but they disappeared.

I’ve just learned from the publishers that demand for the books was much greater than anticipated (The good news—Hooray!) so a reprint was needed to fulfil orders. Unfortunately American printers are booked solid till Christmas (The bad news) so the books are being printed in the UK and sent over by sea.

The current on-sale date is November 20th,dependent on shipping times.

I’m very sorry, especially to the book groups who’ve had to postpone discussions.

If you sign up on the email list (below) I’ll let you know when the new books arrive on America’s shores. And to try to make up a little for the delay, we’ll randomly pick one name off the email list each Monday to a receive a free book until then.

(You’ll know if you get picked, but you won’t get your book till after they arrive)

Click each book cover for more information and online retailers.

For your nearest independent bookshop please visit: Indie Bound

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