Ovidia Yu

Ovidia Yu was born in, lives in and writes about Singapore.  She spent her schooldays in the science stream and it was only after she found herself in medical school that she became aware she didn’t want to spend her life as a doctor.

It was after dropping out of college that Ovidia entered her first writing competition. Her short story ‘A Dream Of China’ won first prize in the Asiaweek short story competition that year. Although she had been writing her own stories almost as long as she had been reading, it was only then that she dared to think about becoming a writer.

Winning the competition meant a lot because until then, the only people who had read her stories were friends and family. As she said, “they might have been saying they liked my writing because they were being nice to me.”

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Ovidia loved reading as far back as she can remember. She created dramas with her dolls and drew elaborate comics and story boards for stories—mostly sequels to books she read. But set in Singapore, in her school or housing estate.

In addition to short stories, she has also written plays, novels and a children’s book, The Mudskipper. But now Ovidia is focusing on trying to figure out how to write the kind of books that made her fall in love with reading in the first place—traditional mysteries.

Ovidia is a member of several writing and reading groups and tries to keep some balance in her life by writing morning pages (thank you Julia Cameron and 750words.com), walking 10,000 steps a day (thank you Fitbit and Zombies!Run).


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Ovidia’s Latest Books

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