It was a pretty good weekend, even though we had moments of wishing we were back in Hawaii… in a fantasy resort full of books and writers where dogs never get old… yes, I did say ‘fantasy’.

But now that both Princess and Hermione seem better I’m glad to be home too! We have one more vet visit this morning but otherwise have settled into a sleep and medication routine.

The poor doglets are on ‘cage rest’ (interpreted by them as everywhere I am or they freak out). The vet agreed it might be more stressful to confine them than not so we go for short, gentle walks in the sun around the condo grounds and in the parks outside.

Which also means I really need to find some additional form of exercise, since dog walking has literally become a walk in the park!

Writing wise I’m finally getting my teeth into the current WIP which feels good. But this is also the point at which all the tempting paths-not-yet-written need to be either linked up or closed down and I always find that painful. Especially when they contain settings and characters I’ve grown fond of.

And in a few days it will be April, which brings family birthdays as well as the birth of a new Aunty Lee book. I hope you like it!